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Final Video Transcripts

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This is the transcript to my final video. Please see the video on dropbox here



Printing Furniture from the store

This is Amanda at her baby shower when she was 9 months pregnant.
While she was going through her gifts, she noticed she didnt receive a crib, but thought baby wouldnt need it as she received a baby sleeper.
Well, let’s just say baby wasn’t having the best experience using the sleeper.
She decided to go to the store to buy a crib and she had just the perfect spot for it.
She found a crib that she fell in love with, and gave the crib information to the cashier.
The casheir requested the serial number and security code for her Home Furniture printer, and after she provided the information, she paid, collected a receipt, and headed home.
At home, she saw a notification on her Furniture printer saying the crib was ready to be printed.
She took thje printer to the baby’s bedroom and clicked the print button…
There…. Looks just the crib in the store….

Printing Furniture purchased online

Meet Rick. Rick wants to purchase a dinning for his new apartment, but is unsure of what he wants to buy.
He now remembers that his furniture printer has a scan feature which can scan an area, and give furniture recommendations based on color scheme and space available
He picks up his furniture printer, and selects the “Scan and Recommend” feature
He then proceeds to scan the area
After scanning the area, his furniture printer recommends a Metropolitan Dinning set from walmart.com
Rick likes the recommendation and purchases the dinning set.
The dinning set now appears in Rick’s Print Queue
He moves over to the dining room, and pushes the print button
Ahhh… He says…. It looks even better in person!!


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